The best hotel package

Apart from our hospitality, we are also known for our best and delicious foods. We serve our guests with local cuisine to make them feel as if they are part of our locality. In this area, team work is fundamental and hence on your arrival, I will be at your service to prepare finger-licking noodles that you will live to long for.

The local cuisine has a very large variety to choose from which include the noodles, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches which we serve as light meals to those who do not feel very hungry. We also serve baby pork chops which are best for those who do not like a lot of steak. They are called baby pork chops since they have very little steak on them. We have lamb chops served with the chef’s signature, Chinese stir fried beef and chicken and also a vegetarian option. Our menu is all inclusive and the truth in it is what distinguishes us. All our meat is Halal in order to respect other people’s religion. All our main dishes come with a variety of accompaniments to choose from. They include the French fries, roast potatoes, potato wedges, Nan bread, steamed rice, vegetable rice, continental rice and our selfmade pasta.

During your stay with us, we will make sure that you have maximum comfort through your accommodation package. You will have a free access to the gym for your work outs. You will also have an unlimited access to the swimming pool, a steam bath, and sauna, a hot tub in your room, room service upon request, laundry services, a safe in your room to keep your valuables, unlimited WIFI, provide you with a parking slot, organize airport transfers; we will also have a liability to provide you with privacy.

The strategic location of the hotel from the main bus terminus just adjacent to the airport makes it a fast pick for most tourists. It also gives you a perfect scenic view of the national wildlife conservancy where you will be able to watch animals move in one direction in the morning hours and return to their homes in the evening at the comfort of your room’s balcony.
If you are a smoker, we will provide you with a room suitable for smoking. This means that you will be guaranteed with confidentiality and privacy always. Keeping you comfortable and relaxed during your holiday vacation or business trip is our priority.