Breakfast Buffet

Hotel breakfast buffets make a favourite addition to any hotel experience. It allows folks to indulge in pleasantries at slashed prices, and in some restaurants, for free. For some individuals, overindulgence is a rather familiar mannerism, particularly during holidays and vacations. They choose unhealthy items from the breakfast menu that include muffins, sweet juices freshly prepares with a braun multiquick 5, sausages, and croissants in a bid to gratify their appetites. With restaurants, hotels, and other eateries offering mouth-watering items, here’s how to make healthy options when getting the most out of a hotel breakfast buffet.

Ideally, choosing food combinations that contain slow-digesting carbs and fruits (low carbs), or proteins and high-carb fruits keep calories in check.

An egg white omelette served with salad

This option provides a high-protein, low carb, and nearly fat-free option. Be sure to insist on an egg white omelette that has been cooked with little or no oil. Egg whites are cholesterol and fat-free while egg yolks have high amounts of cholesterol. Adding some fresh salad that is made of cucumber, green pepper, and green lettuce brings out a more savoury taste. Instead of coffee, opt for a glass of fresh fruit as it contains essential nutrients (folate, Vitamin C, fibre, and potassium). Avoid fruit toppings as they may have lots of refined sugar.

Whole bread served with cheese (low-fat) and green pepper

Whole-grain items like whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, muesli, and cereals have high amounts of fibre when compared to their refined counterparts. Muffins, croissants, and pastries have been stripped of fibre and contain high amounts of unhealthy fats. Served with cheese or other low-fat cream, veggies and green pepper it makes a much healthier hotel breakfast buffet. Cottage cheese makes a great alternative to butter that you can spread on your bread. Other condiments and spreads like jam and peanut butter can quickly turn a healthy breakfast buffet into a high-calorie one.

Yoghurt served with nuts and apples

Yoghurt makes an excellent low-fat dairy product and is a good source of lean protein. If the restaurant happens to include it on their breakfast menu, opt for Greek yoghurt as it is rich in proteins and calcium. Adding some fruits (bananas, apples) and nuts makes an invigorating breakfast option for the day’s activities.

Just like other servings, it is important to monitor the size of each item on your breakfast plate. Half the plate should contain veggies and fruits, a quarter for grains and the other for protein. Taking small appetizer-sized plates also discourages overeating. While hotel breakfast buffets offer delicious items on their menu, opt for healthy and nutritious servings. Be sure to take advantage of extras such as free fitness sessions on offer too.